By Cassy Perera | Article from Credit Donkey | Click here to read more: Is the middle class doomed?

Not sure if homeownership is right for you? Here are 23 financial and personal benefits as to why you may be better off renting. Homeownership has long been considered the culmination of a person’s adult life, a moment when they’ve finally achieved the American Dream. However, more and more Americans are foregoing the 30-year mortgage and opting to rent instead. Homeownership isn’t for everyone, and people who want the flexibility, financial freedom, and perks that renting provides are opting out of the homeownership myth and forging their own path. After looking at the numbers, you might realize that they have the right idea. If you’re sitting on the fence about whether you should rent or buy, read our list of the 23 reasons why renting is better than owning. To visit the article link please click here.